The ancient art of transforming sand with fire and air finds in Silica a new tool for the expression of style and definition of the material; it is a micro-crystallized technical glass, with a thickness from 4 to 12mm and sizes up to 1000mm x 3000mm, combined with fibrous phase metamers, able to satisfy the most ambitious aesthetic and performance requirements. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for cladding also backlit and floor using thicknesses in compliance with current standards in terms of durability and resistance to foot traffic; ideal for spas and spas. The synthesis of one's thought is a language that combines the suggestions given by the great design tradition with technologies and refinements that look to the future. The graphics can be installed following different schemes, which move away from the assumption of repetitive patterns, proof of the desire to give a creative identity to the product and therefore to the project itself.


Large-sized stoneware meets the explosion of color, creativity and the charm of decoration: an innovative eco-friendly surface treatment with compact cryptocrystalline quartz polymerized at 450 ° C, transforms ultra-thin ceramic into Keramite by implementing its original technical, aesthetic and antibacterial performances. To the touch Keramite gives the softness and silky warmth of soft-touch and thanks to the technological peculiarities of our system combined with the organoleptic characteristics of the crypto-crystals, it is possible to adjust the degree of gloss of the surface passing from an enveloping ultra-matt to the austere and luxurious style of polished gloss , to finally culminate in the creation of micro-textures a relief that give life to the material. We work closely with interior designers, architects, hospitality professionals to create unique decorations; for more personal projects, our in-house creative studio can offer exclusive designs.

Disponibile in spessore 3mm & 6mm.



Bulbo propone grafiche su misura e personalizzabili, stampate su supporti ceramici e di vetro; completamente ignifughi, sono stampati con inchiostri sicuri, ecocompatibili e resistenti ai raggi UV. Le nostre collezioni sono inoltre dotate di buona resistenza meccanica e facilmente lavabili con detergenti neutri. Le nostre superfici soddisfano tutti i severi criteri correlati alla salute umana e possono essere utilizzate per la decorazione di ospedali, scuole e ristoranti. Sono conformi allo standard Greenguard Children & Schools e si sono guadagnate, tra le molte, la prestigiosa certificazione R.I.Na. per l’utilizzo nella cantieristica navale.