BULBO produces & realizes TAILOR-MADE wall and floor projects on Silica (microcrystalline glass) & Keramite (slabs treated ultra-thin ceramics) with a multidisciplinary method that involves decorative arts, interior and product design, contemporary experimentation and craftsmanship, putting their own creative vision at the service of customers and companies. Attention to detail and a constant dialogue between contemporary and traditional codes distinguish his projects. The company approaches the concept of design by experimenting with materials and interpreting the characteristics that make them unique and different. Bulbo's projects enhance formal simplicity and are elaborated with extreme care and attention to details and finishes: they boast the highest definition, with bright, vibrant shades and harmonious shades of color. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, from coating also backlit and from floor using spacers in compliance with current standards in terms of durability and resistance to foot traffic; ideal for spas and hot springs.


Our production is internal in all its phases: from the creation of the graphics, to the printing on our certified supports, to the surface treatments carried out with a state-of-the-art industrial plant, always using the most advanced digital & analogue technologies with zero environmental impact that guarantee maximum performance even on large dimensions. Exclusive technologies, high standards and reliability are combined with style, taste, passion for surfaces and love for aesthetic harmony. BULBO's projects take a critical look at the past, recover the traditional techniques of Italian know-how from a contemporary perspective and combine avant-garde technological solutions geared towards the future. Our in-house design studio can adapt projects: simple cutout to fit a special wall, panoramic adaptation or exclusive creations, taking into account structural and technical constraints. We work closely with interior designers, architects, hospitality professionals to create unique decorations; for more personal projects, our in-house creative studio can offer exclusive designs.



Artisan tradition and advanced industrial techniques, manual skills and technology, are the combination that characterizes and enhances Bulbo's Italian know-how: elements wisely implemented and guided by human experience to ensure quality, safety, respect for the environment and people. The first goal is to overcome the chronological story and intercept, trying to tell it, that mental process that leads us to be visionaries every day: our entire production cycle is with water-based products and nature itself of all products is such as to guarantee the absence of emissions of polluting substances. A fundamental added value is the patented application of an antibacterial & antiviral nanopolymer top-coating that guarantees a surface without germs and bacteria for years, even against Sars Covid-19. Through experimentation, technical knowledge merges with the curiosity that allows the company to go beyond the traditional barriers between home and spaces: this research has developed characteristic materials that are the key to creating a perfect harmony between the environment and the person.

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